5 Types of Video Content that every Business should know


Do you know that 85% of online users prefer watching appealing and informative videos monthly? Videos not only allow you to explain complex concepts in simple and easy ways but also inspire the people to land on the decision. Yes! Videos help you inspire your brand in a much impressive way. 


Well! Almost every marketer is utilizing videos to showcase their brand and boost sales. Therefore, in order to keep your business stand out from the rest, you need to realize which video type is perfect for your brand and helps you level up your product quality. By producing the right video type, you can easily have high entertainment value and broad appeal. 



Are you pondering over which video type is right for your business? Well! Here is the list of five different types of video content that will help you make the right decision.


5 Different types of video content


Let’s begin…


Explainer Videos


Indeed animated videos are winning the marketing game. Its infinite number of animation styles, such as 2d character animation video, whiteboard animation video, etc., allows you to teach the audience how they can solve the problem in an impressive way. Explainer videos are kind of animated explainer videos that make the explanation of complex and virtual products in a crisp and attractive way.


64% of the business are happy to say that with the help of explainer video, they are able to boost their sales and conversions. Also, explainer videos have the potential to get more shares and build strong customer relationships.


So, if you want to outline your customer’s issues and make them believe in your brand, then explainer video content is the perfect yet cost-effective video type.


Testimonial/case study Videos


Another video type that inspires people to choose your brand over others is testimonial videos or case study videos. Through this video type, you can express the customer’s reviews in a much impressive way. Lots of B2B buyers look for customer testimonials or case study videos to decide whether your brand will solve their specific pain points or not.


Whenever you design such videos, always try to position your customer as a hero of your story. Try to represent Q&A in such a way that your video becomes indispensable for winning over new customers. To make this video more impactful, you need to understand how and where to use these videos to get excellent results.


Company culture video


If you want to reach a new audience and boost brand awareness, then you can also add a company culture video to your marketing campaign. Through this video type, you can tell the audience what your brand actually stands for. You can make them realize why the audience should keep you on top of others.


In the company culture video, you can explain wow factors about your company such as holidays, events, recruiting, culture, about us, and many more. Listing the cool benefits of your company will surely add humour and a healthy dose of charm to your company environment. So, what are you waiting for? Give your employees a reason to work with your company.


Onboarding videos


If I am not wrong, then you might be spending hours to make new members familiar with your company’s family. If you want to save your time and make this task more engaging, then you can create onboarding videos to welcome new members in a much more impressive way.


Onboarding videos not only help the new member understand everything about your company in a short time but also give them a direction to get started. Thus, whenever you create this video, spend some time polishing the message as it is a kind of welcoming kit for your new customers/employees.


Behind the scene videos


Last but not least, the video type that will surely inspire people to remember your brand is “Behind-the-scenes” videos. Remember, customers get more interested in your brand if they get exclusive insight into how you overcame the situations to get the final project delivered. Your efforts will surely win their heart and make your brand remembered.


Make sure you do not polish this video much because original content is much more inspiring than other video types. So, start showcasing the interesting process behind the development to involve more customers in it.


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In a Crux


If you are trying to make every stage of your marketing funnel more fruitful, then it is vital for you to understand which video type is right for your business. Hopefully, the above information will help you understand which type of video is right to attract, engage and delight your audience.


If you are new to video production, then you can also join hands with the right video production company for your brand. They will surely provide you high-quality videos at an affordable cost.


Are you still having any queries? Share your thoughts in the comment section added below.


Happy video creation!