Killer Content Writing Tips To Help Improve Your Writing For High DA Publishing

Ideas in mind

General writing is vastly different from content writing, regardless of whether or not you’ve had formal training for it or not. Sticking with proper grammar and meeting the general keyword requirements aren’t enough to make amazing content¾especially for high DA (domain authority) publishing. These websites and blogs tend to have raised the standards for the content they want to be written for their site, and this guide will help you meet those requirements properly.


Research All Day, Every Day

Writing good content means being able to write properly based on the facts you currently have. You’re not writing fiction, you’re writing posts and reports based on real sources. However, no matter how good you are at researching on the spot, you can’t exactly be able to provide good content if you don’t know where to look either.

Killer Content Writing tips

  • Always have a researcher’s mindset. When you find something interesting, always take note of it. Use applications and software such as Evernote or Google Plus to record your “findings.”
  • Sources matter. If you found a topic you want to write about, try finding as many reliable sources as possible. In order to check if a source is reliable, check the credibility or the credentials of the writer of the said post, or rely on studies and research articles on your topic.

Find Your Style

Your style or your voice is your brand as a writer. No one can ever steal this from you. This is the quality you have and the one thing in your possession that makes you different from the competition, so strive to develop this. If you don’t think you have your voice or style, then try these tips:

  • Find writers whose style you enjoy, and select some material you love reading from them. This work should be the one you think best represents the writer.
  • Try to select multiple pieces from this writer, and assess what parts of the pieces look like. How does the first sentence work? How did he or she write the introduction? How was the piece structured and developed?
  • You can then try writing a piece you want based on the style of this writer. Try to mimic how he or she thinks, or try to find out why his or her style fits the article you initially read. Do this for all the writers you read.
  • Review the pieces you’ve created, and then write one more article without imitating their styles. This article should be representative of your own voice. Try to modify this style based on what you’ve seen from those writers.


Talk About One Thing, Appropriately


You generally only have one topic to write about in every piece, which means you have to write about that one topic as well. You should learn how to organize your thoughts and make sure the piece, no matter how complex it is, revolves around this one idea alone.

  • Always make sure your sentences are on point. You only write based on a limited word count and space, so make sure every detail counts.
  • Try to make sure that the depth of your piece corresponds to its length. Don’t sell yourself short on a big piece, and don’t write too much for a small piece. Adjust your topic according to the formatting required of you.

Ideas in mind


Angling Counts

The angle is perhaps the most important part of the writing process, as this defines your “attack” on the piece. While the topic is the subject of discussion, and the point is the idea you want to convey, the slant or the angle is your plan of attack¾your point of view.

  • Try to center your piece on that point of view. No matter how complex the piece sounds, the angle grounds your piece on a certain point of view. This is essential so that your piece doesn’t become too messy.
  • Always make your first sentence your best. You only have a few seconds (or words) to make sure your readers like your piece, so first impressions count.


Remember: Grammar is a Must


Before you proceed with the tips above, always remember that the key to developing good content writing skills is a fundamental understanding of the basics. You can’t make a masterful omelet without learning how to make an ordinary omelet, and you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Learning is an extremely powerful tool, and you always have to look at how well you grasp the basics before you can develop it further using advanced techniques. Think of your content as your Digital Fuel¾and boosting your content by improving your writing skills is critical for generating material for high DA websites. These tips are a great way to start; but if you have other suggestions and tips for your fellow readers, feel free to share and comment them down below!

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