Five effective tips for promoting a new product

promoting a new product

Developing a new product is a lot of work that doesn’t stop at the moment when your revolutionary idea finally takes shape. Launching and promoting the product are the next vital steps. And they are also the factors that will make or break your business. 

To get your product out there, you need an effective marketing strategy. But coming up with the right tactic can be tricky, and risking a trial and error is most likely not part of the plan. You cannot just promote your product and hope for the best – your time and money could go to waste if your promotional strategy fails. Studies have shown many products don’t make it to the market. And after all the effort you put in, that’s likely the last thing you’d want. 

So, how can you avoid this scenario and ensure your product reaches the right audience? We put together some practical tips to guide you through that marketing maze.

Five effective tips for promoting a new product

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Understanding the importance of product promotion

Creating a new product is no easy feat. But the real challenge is in bringing your idea to the market. According to experts, the main reason products launch fails is ineffective marketing. 

Product promotion is critical for brand awareness, credibility and sales. A product that lacks a promotion strategy is like a car that doesn’t have wheels – it won’t move. If there’s a business in the market that sells similar products, you need a promotional strategy to stand out. 

By promoting your product, you also collect crucial customer insights that you can use to develop better strategies later on. These insights allow you to get information about market trends, customer consumption patterns and preferences. Nowadays, there’s a significant advantage when it comes to product promotion – the digital world is an open door towards many opportunities. You can use online platforms to gain visibility on the Internet, ultimately resulting in reaching your target audience. 

Five ways to promote your product successfully 

Use email marketing

Email marketing may not seem remarkable, but it’s one of the most practical ways to promote a product. Sure, social media can help you reach new customers, but updating your existing clients is equally important.

On social platforms, you aim to gain more visibility – you have to be consistent and create outstanding content to attract customers. But on email, you have a direct line to connect with your clients. An email list includes people who already find your product interesting. When you regularly send valuable content to customers, an email about your latest product will likely lead to sales. 

Create blog posts

A blog isn’t only a way to write informative content on your products – you can also start a conversation around them. You can use voices from outside your enterprise to build trust with your audience. For instance, you can collaborate with an industry thought leader via guest blogs. By associating your brand with theirs, you increase your chances of reaching a larger audience. 

Writing blog posts is an effective way to increase your SEO and creatively showcase your brand. Although social media is a powerful tool, it can restrict your access to customers unless you pay for ads and promoted content. But with a call to action on your blog, you can get them to join your email list. That’s a smart way to reach your target audience, and you don’t even have to pay for it! 

Develop a powerful content strategy

Online marketing is about creating a compelling story about your product and presenting it to your audience. Developing a content strategy is the most practical way to do this. You can repost user-generated content on your Instagram profile and create alluring visual content for your posts. You can also send emails to your customers – but make sure to do it at the right time. Building an effective content strategy can help you increase sales over time. 

Your content should educate and inspire customers to take action. Depending on your business, you can send them valuable content on how to find the most suitable product for them. For instance, if you have a running shoes venture, you can send customers emails to help them find the ideal running shoe for their type of foot. 

After all, it’s all about your customers’ needs, so you should do your best to learn everything you can on the subject. When your customers are happy, your business runs smoothly.  

Partner with an influencer

One of the most practical ways to promote your brand is influencer marketing. That means collaborating with influencers, such as vloggers or Instagrammers, who can give positive reviews about your product. Influencer marketing is somewhat a modern concept in product promotion, but it is progressing rapidly and can have a significant impact on promoting your product to customers. 

An influencer partnership can get your product known in some simple yet effective ways. For instance, they can use a hashtag when posting content related to your product. If enough people add this hashtag to their shares and posts, your product can get in trending. 

Influencers can also help with product promotion by creating giveaways or online contests. They can also make unboxing videos, which is another fantastic way of showcasing a product. 

An influencer can become your brand spokesperson and generate immediate social proof. Plus, on a video, people also get to see how the product is packed – which matters more than you can imagine. Customers are likely to make a first good impression if they see a product wrapped up nicely and decorated with chic ribbons and accessories. This can make a significant difference in the way customers see your brand. 

Give customers a free sample of the product

Giving free samples of the product is another effective way of promoting it. You can either do it by reaching a particular audience or via online contests and trade shows. 

Depending on the product type, you have to consider how many items you can give. If the product is too costly or large to give to customers, it would be wise to use promotional products that include the item’s logo.