Here’s the Best Way to Travel to Philadephia

Travel to Philadephia

If you are planning to head off to the second-largest city on the East Coast, then you will want to plan out how you are going to travel there.

Travel to Philadephia

And the good news is, there are plenty of options for you! Being in such a close radius to other East Coast hot spots like New York City, Atlantic City and Washington D.C., a multitude of transportation options exist for commuters and holiday-makers.


Philadelphia is one of those cities that is always a good idea to visit. First, there is a rich history that laid the bedrock to how the United States even first began. Who wouldn’t want to go see the Liberty Bell with that famous crack in it? And then, of course, there are the culinary delights that line the historical streets, combined with various art institutions to visit as well.


There is also a massive convention center in the city, so there is always a good crowd of visitors filling the streets of Philadelphia.


So what is the best way to get there? Well, as we mentioned before, you have multiple options!


And the good news is—many of them allow for you to not have to drive yourself. This is a bit of a blessing because traffic can get pretty rough at times in this city.


Here are the best ways to travel to one of the coolest cities on the East Coast.


Travel By Train

Who doesn’t love a good train trip? Not only can you sit back and relax as the scenery passes you by, but you can also get so much done on a train as well. You can get any work that needs to be finished out of the way on the train. You can read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up again. And you can binge-watch your favorite Netflix show too. The main terminal will be on 30th street and is right by city hall. So when you arrive you can literally start walking through history! Best of all, some of the best luggage storage Philadelphia services are in this train station as well and offer you convenient and affordable storage options so you do not have to lug your suitcase around all day.


Travel By Car

Okay, so we may have ratted on the car situation earlier. But sometimes, it may be your only option. So while it will only be a two-hour drive from all the surrounding major cities, you will want to have a plan in advance on where to park it when you arrive in Philadelphia. That is because the city center is super compact and not the friendliest for larger cars. Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of parking garages that you can store your car in, it will just come at a price.


Travel By Air

Philadelphia International Airport is one of the most conveniently located airports to the city center, with only a seven-mile distance separating you and your intended destination. This is great news, as it will be a relatively cheap Uber ride between the airport and your accommodation.  With most American Airline domestic routes traveling through here, it won’t be hard to find a flight from another state. And if you are coming in from out of town then there are plenty of international airlines as well.


Travel By Bus

Of course, there is always the opportunity to travel by bus too. In fact, Philadelphia has some of the best bus systems on the East Coast. That is because they have an extensive Greyhound fleet that connects between Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C and Pittsburgh. Not only is there free wifi on most of these busses, but the trip itself is the most affordable of all the transportation options.


The type of transportation you choose to take to Philadelphia is all dependent on you. IT comes down to the type of experience you want to have, the budget you are on, the exact locations within the city you want to go and how quickly you need to get there.


With a variety of options, it is easy to be spontaneous with a trip to one of the all-time favorite cities in America. And luckily, the majority of these transportation hubs have quality luggage storage too, so you can rest assured that your bags won’t be weighing you down on your next trip to Philadelphia.


So what way will you be choosing to get to this grand city? Will it be train, bus, car, plane or a mix of a few?