How to Store Different CBD Products

CBD Products

Learning how to store different CBD products is a crucial step towards achieving complete safety and efficiency of their use. If not, you could be exposing yourself and your loved ones to the risk of certain side effects.

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The best way to always have fresh CBD products is to buy them only when you really need them. There is no need to stockpile. Anything that you don’t use before the expiration date is a waste of money. But if you come across a good offer and end up with dozens of bottles, bags, and boxes of hemp-based goods, learn how to store them properly.

CBD Products

Oils and Tinctures


The first thing you must know about preserving CBD products is to keep them away from light, heat, and air. That applies to all forms of cannabidiol, and especially to those liquid ones, such as oils and tinctures. Whenever possible, leave them in their original packages (if these are glass and non-transparent). Keep the bottles and jars in a dark place, and only take them out when you need them.

But if you buy them in a see-through bottle or jar, or something’s wrong with the sealer, pour CBD oils and tinctures in airtight containers. Store them as usual, at room temperature. You can even put them in a fridge, as the cold won’t affect cannabidiol properties. They might only change the consistency a bit.

When you learn how to store different CBD products, you must understand the difference between oils and tinctures. Oils are prone to rotting, so leaving them outside for a while will make your CBD go bad fast.

Tinctures are a little more durable than oil due to the alcohol basis (check more information), so don’t worry if you don’t seal the jar well. But these products are highly volatile so avoid keeping them near any heating source or open flame.

Pills and Soft Gel Capsules

CBD capsules are available from many different brands. Their base is cannabidiol oil, so the same rules apply to the storage of these products as for CBD oils. But various additives in them will affect their effectiveness and shelf life.

Most manufacturers use the same technique of preserving the active substance- soft gel capsules. That makes them easier to store, as this extra layer will keep the air out. Leave them in cupboards, shelves, or drawers. Just make sure your kids and pets can’t reach them.

Edibles and Snacks


Unless you eat your CBD snack in a single serving, you must know how to store them. Besides preserving the freshness of the product, cannabidiol will retain its beneficial properties. Avoid damp and too hot places, even when it comes to CBD cookies and bars.

When it’s impossible to keep the original packaging, place edibles in an airtight or hermetically sealed. Keep them in an area with stable conditions. Variable temperatures might alter their texture or taste. You can keep your hemp-based snacks in a fridge for a few days.

Preserving Topicals and Cosmetics


Commercial topicals and cosmetics can be safely stored at room temperature. But make sure you place these products in a cabinet or pantry. These spots are dark and have a stable microclimate, which will protect your creams, waxes, and lotions from going bad.

Topical CBD products are based on some carrier liquid. Its type will have a significant impact on the product’s shelf life. For example, topicals with beeswax are usually not prone to rotting. Still, they can change their consistency if left in a too cold or warm place.

Cosmetics with coconut or olive oil basis can be safely stored in the fridge. If these products become too thick for dispensing, just run some hot water over the package, and they’ll be ready for use. Their original packaging allows these products to have quite a long life (up to a year), although these oils are easily perishable.


When you get yourself CBD products, the goal is to keep them fresh and usable for as long as possible. There are many storage options available, but the best tip is to keep it with basics – no light, air, and heat.