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SEO VS User Experience 1

Two is Always Better than One: Search Engine Optimization versus User Experience Optimization – Seattle SEO Consultant

As professional SEO consultants, we’re familiar with the disputes over what to prioritize in the process of building a website and garnering the attraction of search engines.  One argument that we’ve seen come up a lot is quibbling over what matters most when creating content for a client’s website, and right now, many are saying User Experience Optimization should be…

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SEO Questions 2017

Top Questions To Ask Your SEO “Expert”!

Intro SEO Questions What is the first thing you’ll do when taking over an SEO account? Bad Answer: It’s top secret… Our Thoughts: Really…? Top secret huh…? Well, the first thing we’ll do is, after discussing the account goals, is performing our SEO keyword research. Knowing which keywords you want and need to rank for is essential before completing any on-site…

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Google Not Provided

How to Unlock Your ‘Not Provided’ Keywords in Google Analytics

Update: – After you’re done reading this post, be sure to check out Four More Ways to Crack the Keyword (not provided) Code by Sean Ellis. Google Analytics is a fantastic resource for any website owner. From small hobby sites to government organizations, Google Analytics is a goldmine of useful information about visitor trends and behavior. However, there is one area where Google…

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Local SEO HOw to Pro

3 Tips for Becoming a Local SEO Expert

Over the last five years, Google has increasingly shifted its focus from listing general search results to providing local search results. Searches now bring up local results, with restaurants and independent businesses often showing up atop the rankings. If you’d like to see your business ranking alongside local favorites, you need to apply a different strategy than you would for typical…

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Local SEO Marketing: Is It Worth It For Your Business?

As a small business owner, it’s easy to pass over marketing trends as being overly hyped up or lacking direct results. After all, when your marketing budget is small, even a single failed campaign can have serious effects on your bottom line. Local SEO marketing may have the same buzzwords as many other types of online marketing, but it differs…

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Kayzoe SEO Marketing

3 Reasons Why SEO Marketing is Here to Stay

From Panda to Penguin, every few years an update hits Google’s search algorithm and sends SEOs around the world into a state of panic. The same proclamations of the last few years emerge – namely, that SEO marketing is all over. Of course, it’s only a small minority of websites that are hit by these updates, and largely ‘black hat’…

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Seattle SEO Services

How to Achieve Successful SEO in Seattle

Whether you’re a local business or an international consultancy, getting great SEO in Seattle is never easy. As one of the country’s most competitive areas for SEO, Seattle is a difficult place to achieve SEO success on a local level. Why? Because you’re competing with a city full of tech-savvy business owners that aren’t afraid to invest in a search…

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