What A Great Website User Experience Looks Like

Within the digital marketing space the most critical aspect of a website which clients are looking to improve is the user experience. For many years this was not ignored, but it certainly wasn’t taken as seriously as it is right now. Ultimately our customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to which website they use, and they are far more likely to switch to another if they do not feel that the experience is up to their standards. Let’s take a look then, at exactly what we should be focused on when it comes to nailing the user experience.


First Impression


There are so many sites out there which get the first impression absolutely perfect, and gaming sites are a great example of this. Websites like www.novibet.ie/casino for example let you know exactly what they are about the moment that you land on the home page. This is what the first impression has to be about, explaining the site to someone from the moment that they arrive. Less is often more here, and a focus on accurate context is critical.


Navigating The Website


Within the website you will have a number of menus and sub-menus which will help the user to navigate to exactly what they need. This has to be easy on the user because if they spend too long trying to find out how to get where they want to be, they are likely to give up and move to another site. The best way to achieve easy usability is to have people test out the website before it goes live.


Speed of Page Load


The main reason why users are likely to quit your website and look elsewhere, is slow page load speeds and this is something which your business simply has to focus on. The main things that cause a slow down in page load speed is an overage of media which the website cannot handle, and broken links. This should be one of the main focuses for your business, because it is critical to making sure that you retain customers.


Knowing What Users Want


Another critical aspect of providing a great Ux for your customers is managing them through their journey on your website. This is where you can use handy links and suggested pages for the user, in order to keep them on the website and to provide them with the necessary tools and support that will take them to where they want to go. You will often see patterns from users and you can use this information to let them know what they want next, before they have even thought about it. This is the peak of great user experience, and if you are able to deliver it, you are going to be able to count on happier customers and users who hang around on your website for a lot longer.


This is what you should be focusing on when it comes to delivering a great user experience.