Top 7 HubSpot On-Page SEO Techniques

Hubspot On-page SEO

61% of marketers believe that their top inbound marketing priority is enhancing their SEO and increasing their organic presence. From the days of stuffing pages with keywords and hoping for the best results, SEO has come a long way. 


Search algorithms have now gone more sophisticated than ever, and they no longer rely upon the old on-page SEO techniques. Google is always putting more emphasis on finding valuable and exciting content and serve the visitors of its search engine. 


There is no denying the fact that content is king. Delivering exciting and useful content has become one of the best ways to increase traffic. However, digital marketers do not leave any stone unturned to make sure that their pages are showing up at the top search engine result pages. 


Hubspot On-page SEO


Here are the top 7 actionable HubSpot on-page SEO techniques that will help you get you the desired results while improving the search performance of your website.

1. Try and Use Short URLs

When you create and work on new content, the easiest thing to do is to allow an automatically generated default URL to slip.

However, one crucial thing you have to do is take a look at the URL, making sure that it is short. Many pieces of research have shown that short URLs rank better than the long ones. While doing this will not result in a considerable impact, but every little movement counts.


2. Make use of Target Keyword in the URL 

Keeping an eye on the URL, another reason to not go for the auto-generated URL is that you have to make sure that the target keyword is included in the same.


3. Make Use of LSI Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are the terms that are generally related to your search. 

As search engines started growing smarter, they started making use of the related words as a cue to get an understanding of the content. Well, this makes it essential, as an on-page SEO technique to include, not only the keywords but other words too that the search engine considers related to your search. 

To find the best and most reliable LSI keywords all you have to do is search the target keyword in google and scroll down till the bottom of the related page. Then, look at the word searches that are related to your search. 


4. Publish Long and Quality Content 

Not long ago, people valued the frequency of content over its length. In other words, some thought publishing more content, even if it is short, is a great way to use the resources. Well, it has changed now. 

Researches based on on-page SEO techniques clearly states that longer content is considered better than shorter content, eventually outranking the shorter content. 

If you want to grow your organic traffic, then the best way is a long content form, of course, with optimal on-page SEO techniques.


5. Optimize for the Click-Through Rate 

Google keeps a keen eye on the results pages to your website and is acutely aware of the click-through rate based on the same. The search keeps a regular watch whenever your site shows up and gains an impression to see if anyone is clicking or not. 

When your page gets any click by anyone, it will either stay at the same rank in the search results or may go up. Also, if no one clicks, you may see that your page will start falling in the results. 

Here are some tips to improve your CTR:


  • Make use of brackets and parentheses- According to many pieces of research, it is believed that brackets and parentheses in the title tag results in improving the click-through rates.


  • Make use of the numbers- Many marketers already know that numbers grab the reader’s attention, and when title tags include numbers, it usually results in higher click-Through Rates. 


In case you are not an expert in the concerned field, you may seek assistance from the experts available at any professional inbound marketing agency and get the job done in the best possible way, and in your interest. 

6. Internal and External Linking

Inserting links to external sites may help you improve the search engine rankings. These links are preferred by search engines and these links can also help them develop a better understanding of the content.

So, consider using the external link from posting 2 through 5 to high authority sources on each page. These efforts have been simplified by the HubSpot topic cluster tool.


Image Source: blog.hubspot

And when it is about internal linking, it does more than helping people find the additional useful content on your website. About the list of your on-page SEO techniques, these are also important to be included in the same as well. 

Inserting these links on the page you are publishing from yourself and on the pages, you are linking to can help improve your SEO.

Remember, for each new content; you may include up to 5 internal links. Also, keep your older pages that are related to your content, in priority, and benefit from boosting traffic and higher rankings.


7. Maximize the Speed of Your Site

Google has always been transparent about one factor, and that is site speed. It always prefers and prioritizes the fast loading pages while penalizes the sites that load slow. 

These are a few ways to ensure that your site loads fast: 


  • Optimize the pages for speed- Keep a note that the images used by you are optimized for fast loading while ensuring that there are no other codes or scripts that slow things down.


  • Do not go cheap on hosting- Well, choosing the most economical hosting platform you find and save a few bucks on the same sounds tempting, but it is not worth giving a shot since the slow loading time will adversely affect your search rankings.


  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)- If you wish to load your pages fast, then you may go for the content delivery network which distributes the entire content, and your user receives it from a server that is closer to their location.

The Takeaway

These 7 HubSpot On-Page SEO techniques will not only serve as the best practices. It will also help you to maintain your website best suited and keep your competition, which may not be taking the leverage of these effective techniques, at bay. 

So what is holding you back from ranking on top? Make the best use of these best HubSpot On-Page SEO techniques and get rolling. 

Also, we like hearing from you, so if you are an SEO geek, and know about any other compelling strategies, feel free to talk about the same in the comment section below.